Topband: Good vibrations on TB !

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Wolf Wrote:

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> Hi reflectees !
> Topband seems to undergo nice low attenuation these days.Asia was open 
> last nite, with YB1A,BX0ZR and JT1CO solid copy for long times.
> The western path was good too.Many W6 and W7 stns with vy little QSB 
> rolled into EU. Al came thru from CE and gave many folks a newie on 
> 160.All W7 areas,except ID and WA,were workable.And for a change, SoCal 
> stns made a nice appearance ( N6TQ-W6UC-W6OAR-K6ZZ).Central CA yielded 
> NI6T and K6ANP.
> Fortunately the signals had no skew on them and receiving antennas into 
> the aurora paid off.
> keep up the good signals  !    73 de wolf     df2py

If one checks the NOAA POES Auroral site the polar activity level is 1. 
That means minimum attenuation across the poles, and almost no attenuation 
for example from W0, W5, etc. to Asia, and just a little aurora attenuation 
as signals pass from W8 to Asia.
I have only seen an "Activity Level = 1" once in the last year!!!
This could mean great copy on 160 this morning,
CU on the band

George    K8GG

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