Topband: 160 meter Jamming and OTHR

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> Good Day Top Band Operators,
> It has been common knowledge about the Chinese OTHR station for over a 
> year now. Have invaded most amateur bands from Top Band up to 17 meters.
> Their persistence on 40 and 80 meters has been experienced for over two 
> years.
> Reports and WAVE files indicate these OTHR transmitters have changed their 
> type of modulation (how they key the transmitters as well as the pulse 
> rate).
> Monitoring all these reports indicate major changes in their operations as 
> well as equipment development. It is curious to note that their 40 meter 
> operation  begins below the low end of 40 meters and carefully go around 
> the Chinese SW BC stations then take up the lower portion of 40 meters..
> If they wanted to the East Coast could be bombarded with this junk, it has 
> already happened several years ago.
> For those of you who don't have any idea what these OTHR stations are and 
> look like spend a little time surfing the Internet, there are plenty of 
> pictures and equipment descriptions.
> When one is speaking the perhaps thousands of Kilowatts being pumped into 
> antennas that are miles long then it's no wonder how strong they are.
> Everyone should be aware of what is happening to the ham bands, complaints 
> have been lodged with the ARRL many hams have written their reprehensive 
> in Washington, what happens then I don't know.
> I have pleaded for the hams to write their reprehensive before the 
> election about this situation but no response. Before the end of the year 
> there was lots of complaints about the OTHR and JAMMERS but now hardly any 
> reports except your recent complaints on TOP BAND REFLECTOR. No one seems 
> to be listening, I think the main reason is that many of the bands from 
> 160 to 20 meters is shared with other services, therefore nothing is done. 
> The OTHR and the JAMMERS are military and they seem to do as they please.
> I used to work 160 meters but now have moved to 40 meter CW, but I share 
> your feelings....If something positive is not done many will hams will 
> leave TOP BAND as well as other bands that have been infiltrated with this 
> Very Best 73's and good luck.... Oh, the WAVE file of the 40 meter OTHR is 
> a text book recording...
> Bill

Has anyone tried contacting Scot Red, K0DQ. He is a contester, a
retired admiral in the U.S. Navy, and has had some fairly high positions
within the Bush 43 administration. It be interesting to see what his
take is on this situation with the BY radar.

73, Mike W4EF................................ 

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