Topband: live contest audio cqww160 from PA

pc5m, Carel pc5m at
Fri Jan 26 07:19:27 EST 2007

for those interested: In the coming cqww160 we will be running an
interactive website with 
- Live contest audio / video
- Actual QRG information
- Online actual log (every qso)
- Online chat with the operators
so if you would like to know how you sound in PA or just listen in:
TX: Vertical and Dipole with good power
RX: Beverage direction USA and double k9ay loop
See you in test,
Carel, PC5M
p.s.  Yes we do know that solliciting for qso's during contest is
prohibitted, but we don't aim for the first place, just some fun :-)

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