Topband: Key Clicks

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sun Jan 28 17:44:14 EST 2007

Many radios (not just Ten Tec) incorrectly display the CW 
rise and fall times, so check the radio on a scope.

The FT2000 is an example. It displays (like many other 
radios) twice the real rise and fall time. If you set the 
radio for 3ms, it is really 1.5 ms.
5ms is actually good for 60WPM. In this case the FT2000 
would say ten (if allowed). This is why using the longest 
setting won't hurt a bit at any speed.

I'm not sure why so many manufacturers are getting the rise 
and fall times wrong, but at least they are trying to do the 
right thing.

73 Tom 

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