Topband: Key Klix

Chuck Chandler charles_chandler at
Sun Jan 28 19:56:40 EST 2007

Well, FWIW, I heard a lot of clix in the contest.  I was running an Orion 
with 1kHz roofing filter and the DSP filter cranked down to 200 Hz.  Lots of 
times I could hear clix way before the audio tone came into the passband and 
after it left as I was tuning.

It was not the worst problem - the worst problem was trying to hear DX under 
+40 dB domestic stations.  The clix were just an annoyance mostly.  Stil, 
I'd like to see them go away.  I've got my Orion set for 10 msec rise/fall 
(which should actually result in 5, according to the TT reflector) and it 
seems to work well.

It was a fun time Saturday night and Sunday morning - ten new ones on Top 
Band, giving me 56 so far.

73 de Chuck, WS1L
charles_chandler at

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