Topband: Bless the EU/AF Big-Guns!

Cadwallader, Joe joe.cadwallader at
Tue Jan 30 20:51:54 EST 2007


	I'm a fervent reader of the Topband Archives (only because I
can't keep up with the real-time email volume) and would like to post
the following thank-you note if possible following last weekends great

"Bless the EU/AF Big-Guns!

God Bless the likes of CU2A, EA8EA, and CN2A for their great efforts
that give us Little Pistols on the US west coast even a prayer of
working EU & AF from metropolitan locations with our HF-2V's! Enormous
signals from them for hours Saturday evening. What fun: WAC on 160M in
one weekend from a Little Pistol in the City! Love this band!

	Joe K6ZMW

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