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I agree with Bob...

Depends on what you have for supports, proximity to power lines, how tall you can make a self supporting or guyed vertical, if you're going for DX or will be content with stuff closer to home...

You should pick up Low Band DXing by ON4UN, if nothing else, it's full of ideas and a great place to start.

I've used base loaded aluminum verticals 40 to 80 feet tall with good results even with a minimal radial system. A lot like inverted L's... I found if I could put up an L that a more effective antenna for the activities I enjoy is a Tee vertical. I've made them from wire and part aluminum and part wire, 48 to 75 feet tall. The wire one was easy to build and put up. The part aluminum is more of a pain, requires guys and is more expensive. 

It sounds like you'll have a small ground mounted radial system if you go with a vertical. Not much you can do about it, try and make it as dense as possible if you go that route. You'll have to load raised radials which would narrow your bandwidth some.

I'd build from wire first and see what plays... The K9AY is a good Rx antenna. Any Rx antenna you use will be affected by the environment you're in and will take some time to tweak to get the best out of it. A small rotating coax loop might be an option. There are a number of websites on these.

You'll probably want to read up on common mode chokes for your feedlines and methods of detuning your Tx antenna when listening.

There are folks with smaller lots who still manage to put out respectable signals on 160 running LP or QRP with simple wire antennas.

Good luck and hope to work you.


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