Topband: Newark Summer Sizzlers

Bill Tippett btippett at
Wed Jun 20 10:35:33 EDT 2007

         Newark is having a Summer Sizzlers sale that's
a good deal for those of you working on summer antenna
projects.  Through July 31 you can save 10% on everything
they stock by entering Voucher Code JUL10 at the online
checkout or by mentioning it to the operator for phone
orders.  You can also get a Lufkin 25' tape measure for
$0.01 by adding stock number 73K7357 to your order
while quantities last.

         Examples of some commonly needed parts for
160 receiving antennas are (*before* the 10% discount):

Newark P/N      Description

64K5431 Ohmite OY 470 Ohm 2W ceramic resistor - $0.903 each
02E8908 Fair-Rite Mix 73 Binocular core - $0.310 each
64K3155 Panasonic PCB Relay (12V, 10A) - $2.17 each

The latter relay is what W2VJN recommended below and uses
in Top-Ten DX Doublers.  They were formerly Aromat JW1FSN-DC12V).

         Happy building...hope this saves you some $$$.

                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV

P.S.  I have no connection with Newark other than being a
satisfied customer for several years.  Their website is: (click on Summer Sizzlers)

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