Topband: Omni VII performance on 160m

Petr Ourednik indians at
Fri Jun 29 17:22:48 EDT 2007

Hi all,

as many of You also I am interested in new Omni VII tcvr to see if that
radio can be right solution for 160m DX-ing or not.

I was very surprised with the ARRL Lab tests which showing the close-in
Ip3 (5kHz) +10/+6.5dBm (preamp off/on) only. Well somebody (like TT
sales) saying "its great results far ahead from most of radios in the
same price category"...but let me see my current Elecraft K2 (simple
design) has Ip3 (5kHz) +21/+8.5dBm (preamp off/on) and the radio cost
$600 instead of $3.5k for Omni VII.

Also if I found that there are NO any BPF's in the front-end just LPF
(general coverage receiver architecture), 1st IF on 70MHz has fixed
20kHz wide roofing and after that is "distributed filtering" down to
300Hz on 2nd IF 455kHz ...I do not believe that it can be efficiently
spent money :(

BTW: KEY (int. keyer) jack is not reachable on rear panel > available
from front panel only.

Also I checked all articles about Omni VII performances from SEI, but
nothing about Ip3 over there.

Can anybody (like Tom, W8JI or other guru) make some comments to the Ip3
/ filtering ect. please? I was dissapointed by the results from ARRL Lab
for first time as my old FT-990 has an Ip3 (5kHz) around +6dBm with
preamp off if I am right > but its dozen years old radio.

Thank You or help,

Petr, OK1RP

Petr Ourednik
indians at
-- (Hamradio) (160m)

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