Topband: JIDX-CW

Bill Tippett btippett at
Sun Mar 4 08:09:50 EST 2007

JI3KDH wrote:

 >  Hello core-topbanders;
 >   Do you know the 160m-band will come back in
the Japan International DX Contest this year?

         Sugi-san, I see two problems with this
contest for Topbanders:

1.  The timing of 2nd week in April is very
poor for 160 conditions.  I recall there being
a low band and high band version of JIDX many
years ago with the low band being in January.
Why was it moved to April which is much worse
for 160 conditions?

2.  There is no single-band single operator
category for 160.  I understand this for the
SSB contest since there is no JA SSB operation,
but why no category for 160 CW?

         I really enjoyed the JIDXC because it
was very easy to know the prefectures for the
WAJA award since their number is sent by JA
stations as part of the exchange.  I hope the
160 version of JIDXC may move to a better time
for 160 conditions (like January or February).

                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV

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