Topband: question on Q Factor.

VE2RYY ve2ryy at
Sun Mar 4 13:17:13 EST 2007

I am  on the way of building the three element parasitic array on 160 meter according to ON4UN LowBandDxing book.
In the array, there is a parasitic element which is a Director...(1.935Mhz)
This same element is used for Reflector by installing  an inductance of 3.6UH between the bottom end of the parasitic and the ground...
Now here is the question.
When making this inductance, do I have to take account of the Q factor .
I have made one just for fun, with nr 14AWG wire ...etc....
I get the right inductance needed, but I find that the Q factor is not very high, say about 289 plus  or minus....
Again this inductance is not going to be in the driven element, it is going to be in the parasitic, located about 66 feet away from the driven element..
I would appreciate  any comments about the Q Factor in a parasitic element....

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