Topband: DU9/N0NM

David Raymond daraymond at
Wed Mar 21 15:37:13 EST 2007

Jon, DU9/N0NM, had the strongest signal today I've ever heard (QTH here is
Iowa) since I first worked him exactly five years ago today.  I slept in
this morning and didn't get to the rig until about 1210z, 10 minutes before
my SR.  I tuned across Jon and first thought it was a stateside station that
had forgotten to go split, calling on Jon's QRG.  I quickly realized that it
was, indeed, Jon!  At that point he was 569.  A small peak at SR brought him
up to 579.  For those of you who still need DU, I would encourage you to
give it a try in the next few days.  I can't speak for other areas of the
country, but the Spring equinox seems to be the best time of year to work DU
from the Midwest (Fall equinox is second best).  Jon is fighting a lot of
QRN but is patient and persistent...he'll get you in his log if at all
possible.  Jon's routine QRG is 1828.3 and QSX up 2.


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