Topband: 160M vertical and snow

Roy Koeppe royanjoy at
Tue Mar 27 15:51:03 EST 2007


"Hi I am planning putting up a vertical (130ft tower) insulated form the
ground...of course.
But a the place I want to place it, there is much least 30
inches of snow at the end of the season.
I wonder if I should elevate the vertical of about 30 inches or if this
snow will not affect the vertical...
Anybody experienced this fact before..  I mean snow at the base of the
I would appreciate infos about it"
Many Thanks

Snow is an insulator. Plus, the bottom of the tower at the feedpoint is
low-Z, about 35 ohms. For practical purposes the snow will not affect
the antenna.

73,    Roy     K6XK/0     Iowa (blizzard country)

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