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Bill Tippett btippett at
Fri Mar 30 05:31:58 EST 2007

>>This only took 23 years and today I
>>received my WAJA and JCC-100 certificates!
>>Ironically my last WAJA prefecture was with
>>Miyazaki which was the *very first* prefecture
>>to work the East Coast about 25 years ago!
>>Ms. Sachiyo Nishida of JARL told me:
>>"For your information, I keep data from 1993
>>onwards in my computer.  There is no US hams who
>>obtained WAJA or JCC-100 on 160 meters CW."
>>Who will be next?  Have some fun trying!

>I've worked over 500 different JA callsigns and all prefectures on 
>160 from Barnesville, GA (one location) since late in 1998.
>73 Tom

         Congratulations Tom-san!  I have no
reason to doubt your claim, but until it is verified by
JARL, it is simply unverified claim.  I know
you would agree that we have too many unverified
claims floating around on in our hobby, witness the
CFA and EH antennas, 6 dB gain radials, etc, etc.

         Having just been through JARL's verification
process, it's very simple for you or anyone interested
in the WAJA award (or others):

1.  Collect and organize your 47 WAJA prefecture QSLs in
numerical order (black numbers preceding prefecture name):

2.  Submit your application to JARL following their process here:

3.  Upon JARL verification, you will be issued the WAJA
award and your call will appear under the month received
in "DXs" near the bottom of that month, e.g. W4ZV (1.9C)
will appear under DXs-WAJA for March which should be
posted in early April.

         Sachiyo-chan of JARL is very efficient and will
respond promptly to questions via email at oper at .
Her English is also excellent.  I mailed my application
on March 5 and received my certificate yesterday for a
turn-around of 24 days total!

         If you submit your application soon, you should
appear in the April listing in #3 above.  I'll be watching
to see if anyone from the West Coast beats you to
become the second USA.  BTW, I checked all months
in #3 above there was no WAJA-160 issued to any
non-JA stations in JARL records over the past 2 years.

                         73,  Bill  W4ZV

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