Topband: WAJA 160

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Fri Mar 30 20:16:29 EST 2007

First, I have no doubt Bill met all the requirements for 
WAJA. I didn't man to start a firestorm, but my point 

> Many times the most difficult part of the whole process is 
> getting
> the cards for verification.  It is time consuming and 
> somewhat costly
> as many of you know.  It is though, the only valid 
> measuring stick if
> one is to offer ones accomplishments up for comparison.

Well, it's unfortunately not much better than nothing at 
all. No matter what we do it all falls back on the word of 
the person.

I'm sure if all the imaginary contacts were removed from 
scores on the who's who list (or all the other "mine is 
bigger than yours" lists), or all the assisted contacts were 
removed, or all the over-the-power-limit contacts were 
removed, there would be a huge change in the scores of many 
or most of the people on that and other brag lists. WAZ on 
160 can be verified without working many of the zones. I 
know that's actually happened. DXCC is the same. So is WAS.

As a matter of fact if you want to have a real education, 
listen to the 160 meter WAS net. It's a real hoot!!

We all know, or should know, a piece of paper really doesn't 
mean someone actually did what the rules for obtaining the 
paper say they did.

Which boils down to two main points:

1.) We should all understand because we are the first to get 
a certain piece of paper, that does not mean in any way we 
are actually the first to accomplish the action the paper 
indicates. Let's not pretend it does. It really only means 
we are the first with that paper.

2.) Because we are number 2 (or any other number) on a list, 
it doesn't mean someone else actually was in front of us.

That's just the way it is. When we all hit the dirt none of 
will be remembered for anything except how pleasant or mean 
we were to someone else. I miss W1BB and W2EQS because of 
who they were as people. I certainly don't miss anyone 
because of a piece of paper or lack of it.

73 Tom

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