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Stan Stockton k5go at
Sat Mar 31 20:35:41 EST 2007

---- Tom Rauch <w8ji at> wrote: 
> First, I have no doubt Bill met all the requirements for 
> WAJA. I didn't man to start a firestorm, but my point 
> follows....

The weekend firestorn started because Tom came forward from anonimity to rain on Bill's parade.  I think Bill's original posting had to do with being the first to achieve an award.  Hopefully he did not say he was the first to make the qsos that would be necessary to achieve it.  

I think it would be reasonable to assume there are some DXers and contesters in California who worked all the stations required before either Bill or Tom.  If so, there would probably be some who didn't even know the award existed and others who, like Tom, really don't care about such an award.  Regardless, who has the first WAJA award on 160 in the USA?  W4ZV

You can be in the category of someone who derives inner satisfaction from something and keep it to yourself (like making a large anonymous donation to charity) and/or someone who likes to achieve the awards and recognition that is part of it.   There is nothing wrong with either.

> > Many times the most difficult part of the whole process is 
> > getting
> > the cards for verification.  It is time consuming and 
> > somewhat costly
> > as many of you know.  It is though, the only valid 
> > measuring stick if
> > one is to offer ones accomplishments up for comparison.

Absolutely!  If you are going to offer your accomplishments up for comparison you should have some validation that is generally accepted.  You really shouldn't go into the clubhouse the day someone is celebrating having broken the course record (playing in a touirnament with three others) and tell everyone (even though true) that you beat his score by two strokes playing with your brother-in-law  the week before.

> Well, it's unfortunately not much better than nothing at 
> all. No matter what we do it all falls back on the word of 
> the person.

That is exactly right.  There are a few who choose to break the rules to achieve recognition for awards and to win contests.  When that is known, many give up on the award part of it and fall back on that inner satisfaction thing.  

Stan, K5GO.   

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