Topband: Inverted V shaped like a W

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>I wonder how messed up an antenna for 160 would be if the center was 
>supported at 55' and the legs had to be bent like a letter W in order to 
>get the required length for 1/2 wave at 1.9 mhz.  The ends would wind up 
>being only 20' from the ground.  Would it be better to feed it with 450 ohm 
>line and use the tuner?
> If my neighbor would just let me run 1 leg over her property I would not 
> have to bend the legs at all.  then 55 at center 30 at ends.


Rather than zig-zag each half of the inverted-Vee, why not make the half 
element that cannot go over the neighbor's property a T shape where the 
bottom of the vertical leg is the feed point?

        |                                          |
        |                                          |
        |                                          |

Plan view where the feed point is the double dot

I think you will find it is also more broad banded than running a W shape.

GL & 73

George    K8GG 

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