Topband: Help needed on grounding rods

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sun Nov 25 07:30:22 EST 2007

> In my garden ( a 12m x 12m lot) i've put all my low band 
> antennas: in the middle there's a 20m vertical for 80 and 
> 160 with some 60 radials of different lenght (from 10 to 
> 40m .... of course the longest one are sloped back), 2 EWE 
> with 4 short radials each side and a single k9ay loop with 
> other 3 short radials.Each antenna is even connected with 
> a ground rod buried some 2 meters in the hearth ... so 
> there are 5 ground rods in my 12m*12m lot .Have i to 
> connect each rod to the other? Or it's better each one is 
> not eletrically connected to the other ? Of course the 
> main rod is even connected with the house groud (this one 
> has the house ground with the 20m vertical radial sistem).


What you need to do is make provisions for a single point 
entrance ground for all cable shields. Something like these 


This way nothing can flow through your equipment from cable 
to cable inside the house.

Outside, you should bond entrance grounds together with a 
short heavy lead, but I would NOT bond the receiving antenna 
grounds to any other grounds at or near the antennas. I 
would only tie the receiving antenna grounds together by 
grounding shields just outside or inside the house entrance. 
Inside if you have an entrance panel, outside if you do not 
have a common entrance panel.

I would never, due to  noise considerations, bond small 
receiving antenna grounds to power mains grounds at or near 
the antenna. Never.

73 Tom

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