Topband: Myers 160m & 80m Verticals

Eric Hilding b38 at
Mon Oct 1 19:03:52 EDT 2007

Several years ago I purchased used (but new) Myers "Gladiator Series" Single
Band verticals for 160m & 80m.


I plan to finally use them now, but have several questions:


1.       The components list (160m vertical) does not indicate anything
about "top hat wires", however in the "Installation" section of the brief 4
page manual, reference is made to "Until.the top hat wires are in place."
There are no illustrations, no length details, and nowhere else do I see
anything about "top hat wires".   I really hate it when this happens ;-(


2.       Although the base plates are quite rugged, I find the mounting of
the plastic boxed matching units extending below the base plates to be
subject to possible breakage when erecting the antennas.  I could find no
mention of how high off the ground the bottom of the units should be for a
NON-elevated installs.   Is six inches enough, or would one foot be better?


3.       For both antennas, references are made to the bottom and top of the
"inductor" sections, but they are not factory marked as to which is top and
which is bottom.  {Loud Scream Here}


Enlightenment from any Myers Vertical users would be greatly appreciated. 


Tnx & 73.


Rick, K6VVA


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