Topband: Topband season

Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh nmt at
Fri Oct 5 05:07:22 EDT 2007

I am planning some activity on Top band few days before CQ WW SSB, CW and WW160. Not much time but it will be good chances for those
who still need EY on Top. I plan some new antenna work and will put updates on my WEB (Low Bands Button). Last season records are
there too.

Skeds are welcome. Especialy to NA stations.

Also I am looking for remaining states on 80 meters.  Any comments about active 80 m stations from KS, LA, ND, NE, WY are greatly
appreciated off-reflector.

My planned setup:


Verticaly Pol. 2 Elements 160 tx antenna
4SQR made from slopping dipoles 80 m tx
3 el. wire INV Vee beam 320 degrees (project)

BV 320 m to 320 degrees
BV 157 m to 0 degrees reversable
BV 157 m to 120 degrees

73 and CU on Top Band!


Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh

Tel: +992 (918) 617373
Skype: ey8mm_nodir
ICQ: 44325417

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