Topband: SP hams operation from ZL7

Jarda OK1RD ok1rd at
Tue Oct 9 02:59:12 EDT 2007

Dear Topbanders from EU mainly,
the SP guys, as they had promised, started operation from ZL7 on the Topband
yesterday evening ( here ). Their signal appeared exactly at SR there and I
must say that SP9PT operated as very well experienced Topband operator. This
DXCC country is for OK land the furthermost country ( 100% antipodal ). I
heard them so so on 400m Beverage but from 8 Circle came through
outstandingly, very clean and clear signal like on upper bands what took me
by surprise.
( # 304 worked current valid on 160m for me ).
Let me cross my fingers to their Topband operation and I believe that SP
guys will bring " new1 " for many Eus on the 160m.
By the way let me give you ( Topbanders on which is my matter ) notice that
all the spots have sent through packet network with my calls ( OK1RD or
OK7XX ) were not mine. I have not sent DX spot on the 160m for ages and I
will not be sending one further. Thanks for understanding.
73 Jarda OK1RD/OK7XX from remote controlled QTH

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