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Would I be able to tell anything by putting my mfj ant analyzer at the
output (lowZ) side of my flag antenna?

Although it seems to work ok, it is not as wonderful as I had read 
I measured it on a couple signals to the NE, and seemed to be 20-23db 
the invL.

I have ordered the vacuum relays to start the 160M mod to the SB-220 
amp.  I
it very difficult to work dx that are S7 or less on the invL.  Ones 
that are
S8 or above
are not a problem.  I feel like I am the only one running 'qrp' ;-)


Glen K4KV

Glen - what would you be looking to read on the low impedance side??  
All you need is an ohmmeter to see if your load resistor is in the 
circuit.  On the output side the analyzer will show you how flat your 
SWR is over the band(s) - that will tell you how good your transformer 
is - should be as flat SWR as possible and certainly be a low SWR.

Re the output level YES - the Flag is at least MINUS 30DB from a 
resonant Inv L ..  That's why you need preamp most of the time.  The 
signals can be quite low even with a preamp but the S/N level will make 
them quite readable. That's the point of the Flag - better S/N, not 
higher signal levels.

73 Pete W2PM

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