Topband: Modena report - IQ4AX

Alessio Sacchi iz4efn at
Sun Oct 14 19:31:32 EDT 2007

I think I'm sick, and I think I undrestand what Tree was talking about in
one of his article.

I'm just out of a two days no stop beverage fixing and installation, but
tired and hungry I spent the evening at the shack, to test the new
North-East Beverage, and see if the North-West one, with the replaced balun,
was performing well.

Actually, the North-West (NA side) has the feeding line shorted somewhere,
maybe we damaged a cable while fixing it under a fence. We'll check later.

The North-East (30/40°, mainly Russia and JA) looked good, it *seems* like
it has directivity and an appropiate S/N.
BTW at around 21-22 UTC we were spotted (CW) by VK6HD, VK6ABL and NO2R. I
paid a lot of attention to the VK side, since the NA beverage is out for
now, but got no single DIT from that side of the world (I was listening with
the NE beverage and a K9AY).

I think those guys did not tried to call me, but just spotted. If you are
reading and you called me, let me know. Since I never heard another K9AY or
beverage running, I don't know if my rx ants are working fine, if they are
just picking up less noise than my 20m high vertical or if I'm still full of
snakes in the feedlines.

My call was IQ4AX.

Alessio IZ4EFN

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