Topband: 160 - what a ride

df2py at df2py at
Thu Oct 18 01:40:00 EDT 2007

Hi reflectees !
NOAA announced an auroral activity of 1 . That resulted in a great
opening into the JAs last nite. Respectively this morning VE6s,
VE7s,W7s, KL7s and finally KH6AT made it into EU with huge sigs.
Although the band has developed a strange QSB habit for the last 2
weeks, with phases around 20 seconds or so. Makes fast exchanges
necessary. No chance for the ZL7 on TB in western EU, only 20min common
darkness, maybe D and E- layers too slow to desintegrate in that time,
plus almost 20.000 km from here.

gl dxing de wolf df2py

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