Topband: Beverage Question

Bud Semon N7CW n7cw at
Fri Oct 19 09:23:40 EDT 2007

I'm relatively new to 160 and have never installed a beverage before.  I've
read much of the available reference material and I think I'm ready to go,
but I have the following question.  I have an old fence that runs along my
property line - it runs northeast/southwest and with the addition of some
PVC, would make a great antenna support.  However, it is a barbed wire
fence.  The wire is wrapped at each steel fence post, spaced about 20 feet
apart.  The fence posts are painted, but they've been installed for about 30
years.  And the ground here is very rocky - it qualifies as dirt, but
probably not "ground".  I'm in Prescott, AZ, so it's typically pretty dry.
The wire is not continuous - it's been repaired/replaced in a few places.
I'm concerned that it will couple to the beverage.  Any thoughts?


Thanks and 73, Bud  N7CW

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