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Eddie Swynar replied:

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> On Thursday 18th Oct 2007 Bruce  wrote:
> "...I would like to know, which transceiver that people would
> recommend for 160 meter DX Use?"
> *************************
> Well, if you're into vintage stuff, I'd heartily recommend a good, used 
> Icom
> 751A transceiver --- it's my personal favourite for CW here,
... snip...

> BTW, does ANYONE on 160 anymore use anything like the Drake twins these
> days, or is it all strictly Omnis & Yaesus out there to-day...?
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

Other good Icom radios are the IC-765 and IC-740 which has a band switch, 
instead of switching diodes.  I wish I had never sold my IC-740.
BTW, there were problems with the IC-751 model - without the "A", so I, 
personally, would stay away from one if offered.

GL        George    K8GG

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