Topband: Drake Twins on 160M

Phil Clements philc at
Sun Oct 21 15:38:57 EDT 2007

> BTW, does ANYONE on 160 anymore use anything like the Drake twins these
> days, or is it all strictly Omnis & Yaesu out there to-day...?
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

I am using a fully "tricked-out" R-4C, and a T-4XC here on top band.

I have tried several "rice boxes;" some of them new, right out of the box.
Most of them have terrible key clicks! Yes, Virginia, you have to pay big
bucks for a new, modern radio, then invest more money and time to make it
sound just so-so on the air. I have found that all Yeasu models made before
2005 fall into that category. Most Icom's fall into that category. (not sure
about current models.") I won't say anything about the Kenwood's, no
experience here. Most Kenwood owners seem to not do CW.

Until I can find a new radio to buy that beats the Drake Twins and has a
great (not just good) CW signal, I'll just keep plugging away! 

IMO, part of being a Gentleman on the "Gentlemen's Band" is sounding like
one, not just acting like one!

Phil, K5PC

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