Topband: ADSL line "mute" when TX on 160

Rune Øye la7tha at
Mon Oct 22 07:16:55 EDT 2007

Hello All


First of all I want to say thanks for all help and info, regarding how to match my top loaded antenna (160) @ remote qth.

Ending up with around 2uH of my coil and 2000pF doorknob capacitor, and adding about 2.5 meter on my top hat. All work fine now.

When I tune up my amp on 160 and around 300-400 watts output, I get problem with my DSL (ADSL) modem

Stop working /sync problems.

Have tested the system now from 14 to 28 Mhz and all work fine there.


ADSL (DSL) using from something low in Khz to about 1,1-1,2 Mhz.


Is there anyone hat have been in to this problem before, and is here anyone that know about source on Internet how to make

filter, so I can solve this problem. Have about 8 turns of my telephone/DSL Line on  FT-140-77 toroid, but that is not enough.

IT should be possible to make an low pass filter with cut off around 1.2-1.3 Mhz and install that close to my adsl modem.

Maybe there is someone out there that have "playing" with this problem and can give me some help.


All help is thankful.


73 de Rune LA7THA  la7tha at

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