Topband: ADSL line "mute" when TX on 160

rt_clay at rt_clay at
Mon Oct 22 13:15:18 EDT 2007

Rune Øye wrote:
> When I tune up my amp on 160 and around 300-400 watts output, I
> get problem with my DSL (ADSL) modem
> Stop working /sync problems.
>Hi Rune,
>I have the same problem since I got DSL two years ago. Everything is 
>OK on 3.5 MHz and all higher bands, but even a few watts on 160m 
>causes the modem to lose sync.
>I tried winding all cables to the modem and router on ferrties, but 
>it made no improvement.

I had similar problems about 1 year ago. Transmitting on 160 even at low power instantly wiped out the ADSL, even though there was no audible interference 
on the telephone. I also tried toroids on power and data cables with little improvement.

In the end I bought a telephone filter from Radio Shack (less than $15),
which completely solved the problem. No interference now even with 1500W
on 160. Sorry, I forgot the actual model number, but I don't think Radio
Shack has many different models to choose from.


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