Topband: Unique Short Radial Challenge

Björn Mohr bm at
Mon Oct 22 14:09:37 EDT 2007

Tom, W8JI wrote:

> A small elevated screen or multiple spread out radials above or even into
the water would probably be best. But then there is the SWR change with
tides. <

As my top band antenna is right on the shore of the Baltic Sea I find this
discussion extremely interesting. The Baltic Sea's Salinity is low, in my
area in the range of 5-6 psu compared to the ocean average of 35. I wonder
if and how I can make use of the sea to improve top band antennas.

I am now using two elevated radials for my top loaded vertical, could I
improve its performance by running a few radials into the sea?

How would I translate psu into values that NEC understands?

73 de Björn /SM0MDG

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