Topband: ADSL line "mute" when TX on 160

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at
Mon Oct 22 18:54:02 EDT 2007

    My DSL line did exactly the same muting while transmitting on 160 over 300 watts. As it turned out the problem was cured by the phone company. My audio phone line had always been a little scratchy and had some hum on it. One day it got really bad so I called the telco. He measured the lines and indeed as others have pointed out the line was terribly unbalanced and should have been balanced ( they have specs for that). He chased backwards from my location and found some bad connections about a half mile away. After fixing the connections I have had no further problems without any other beads or filtering and 1500 watts on 160 meters. Perhaps one should ask the telco to measure the line first for anyone having problems.
   Lee K7TJR Oregon

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