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>I am using a temporary Inv L antenna until I get the vertical
> back in place,  have been on top band a few times to play
> with the Inv L.   I am using no radials just the ground system
> around the house which is 4 inch copper strap which in
> turn is connected to radials but I am on the edge of the
> radial field so they are not doing much,
> Lat nite C52 had a decent signal for at least an hour or more,
> I finally gave up and shut down the rig.  Just wanted to know
> if they hear as bad as it seems, I only heard them work a
> few stations in that hour, and many were calling,  they were
> peaking here 579 at my sunset, so would have though at least
> w6 and w7 would have been getting through. 
> In short are they a little deaf?  Seems they hear well on 80
> and 40. 
> 73 Merv K9FD/KH6

I wasted a couple hours calling them this evening, Merv. 
When I popped out the attenuators and the IPO switch on the  
FT1K-MKV the were peaking over S9 here. I heard a couple of 
west coast guys get through, but they were few and far 
between. Looks like there is some  tropical storm activity (at 
least some circulation) just to their northwest:

Perhaps that's the source of their receive problems.

They do seem to have the TX side of the equation working 

73, Mike W4EF.............................................

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