Topband: C52

Raoul Coetzee raoulc at
Wed Oct 24 03:03:17 EDT 2007

Herb wrote:

>  However one thing that never changed for the months there was the
>constant ear drum busting static S meter pinning static.  The path this
>of year looks across the ITCZ which seems to be a constant QRN generator.
>recall S9SS had similar experiences with tropical static which never seems>
>to quit but Charles persistence and dedication to 160 made contacts
>possible.  Heck,  I call Charles for a full year before I ever got in
>the log!.
>No Charles was not deaf as spotters claimed but the QRN is certainly
>deafening in that part of the world.

One thing topband has taught me: Never assume you can be heard as well or as
poor as the station you are trying to work and do not jump to conclusions
about the other stations ability to hear or work you on a given day.
Tomorrow it may be different.

My hat off to the crew at C52, they do it for us, thank you.
Raoul, ZS1REC

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