Topband: QSX in the tropics

Johann Bruinier Bruinier at
Wed Oct 24 08:15:00 EDT 2007

When I put Senegal on 160 for the first time ever in November 1967, my h.b. 40-watter was heard well from a semivertical half wave on Cape Verde. But only a few big guns made it into the log thru a constant gigantic QRN level. In those times, only several signals could be noticed at the same time, a far cry from the huge pile-ups nowadays.
The ITCZ (intertropical convergency zone) lags the Sun's declination by about three months. So it is presently at its  northerly position and looks like a defective neon as viewed from an airplane.This makes things most difficult for the C52C boys yet they show a nearly incredible receiving performance.
Kudos to all "tropical" operators/DXpeditioneers for their ability, patience and perseverance!!!
Shame on the authors of more than inappropriate comments ("deaf", "no rx", etc.) in this context. Their comments fall back on them.

73, Jan DL9KR.


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