Topband: Receive 4 Square Array 160

Bruce Osterberg n9bx at
Wed Oct 24 22:21:36 EDT 2007


While reading Low Band DXing, and also some work by W8JI, and WB4BCR on 
how to build a receive 4 Square array, I see that terrain is an 
important factor.  Unlike a Beverage that can follow the ground at a 
constant height across valleys and hills as long as we keep it say 8-10 
feet above the hills and valleys we have good receiving antenna.

But in the receiving Array of 4 vertical antennas how important on 
performance does an elevation change have?  Say if Two Verticals are 
mounted at the same elevation, but the other two are say down the Hill 
and 12-15 foot lower in elevation, will they still work as well?

Basically I want to put them on a sloping hill and wonder if they will 
work or should I just stick with the beverage.  No level land here.

73 Bruce N9BX

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