Topband: DSL

Roger D Johnson n1rj at
Thu Oct 25 10:07:18 EDT 2007

I originally had DSL service here (before cable). I'm
lucky that the phone line from the pole is buried for
about 200 ft before it enters the house. The original
scheme was to install the DSL modem at the service
entrance and the put a filter at each phone to keep
the DSL signal out. In effect, this has the potential
to radiate the DSL signal from the telephone wiring
throughout the house and, conversely, to allow my ham
signal to be picked up by the wiring and fed into the
DSL modem input. Since all my phone lines terminate at
a block at the service panel, I asked the installer if
it would be possible to install the filter there. He
said there would be no problem; they just had never
thought of doing it that way! (DSL was new then). This
had the advantage of keeping the DSL signal out of the
telephone wiring and keeping my signals from getting into
the modem. I never had a problem.

73, Roger

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