Topband: frustration

G B microsys at
Mon Oct 29 07:30:52 EST 2007


Well with CQ WW behind us, very slim pickings for a barefoot guy.

I called and called two S9 plus Caribbean stations, and they did not
even say QRZ(?).

The heard HC8N and one call no problem.  I cannot figure out why stations
thousands of miles away can hear me with no trouble, and ones 'in my back

In general, I have had no trouble working continental US and Canada

InvL, mostly vertical, 12 0.15wave radials.

BTW, last night, the band was nice and quiet, but signals were down here.
Any body
else notice sigs were down?  Barely heard SP station, and usually, it is
THEM that
do not hear!


Glen K4KV

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