Topband: Boring Report - 3 Sept

Tree tree at
Mon Sep 3 09:41:56 EDT 2007

Last night, I worked nothing - but it was still interesting.

Band had that "rolling" roar sound to it.  Always interesting.  It was 
coming in best on my 70 degree beverage.

I was stunned to actually hear a few dits and dahs from 4X4WN and he had
a clear trace on my Spectran display.  Wow.

This AM, the band was fantastic to JA.  They sounded just like they do in
the dead of winter.  HL3IUA had a very nice signal as well and VK3ZL was
in the log again (sorry for stealing your frequency Bob).

Nothing heard from VQ9LA however.

The STEW RESULTS are done!!!  You can view them here for now.  The JZAP.COM
server was down yesterday.


73 Tree N6TR
tree at

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