Topband: BC Trapper cut for Phone Band?

G. White radiotrade at
Thu Sep 6 13:26:16 EDT 2007

73 to everyone,

I have decide to build a wire BC Trapper. I understand most design info, such as that of K1ZM and others found on this users-list, is set for the CW band.  I work very little CW (most send too fast for me) and I would prefer the traps cut for phone bands. I understand it is best to roll the trap for the longer CW band and then use a matchbox to bring it into Phone. I really dont want to have to use a tune.(using the tuner for occational CW-DX would be OK)....BUT I've read that  I may expect some problems tuning from the shorter phone traps to the longer CW wavelength.

Any thoughts or exerience on this- but especially any coax trap dimensions or adjustments to modify the BC Trapper from CW to phone band- would be greatly appreaciated. Is anyone here running the BC trapper on phone bands using either the CW trap design or modified phone traps? Documents state that only the traps require adjustment for small band shits, but perhaps the total wire length will have to adjusted/shortened too?

73 es tnx in advance

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