Topband: 3B7C

robert briggs vk3zl at
Fri Sep 7 21:02:37 EDT 2007

Hi all.Got out of bed at 2000hrs this morning and switched on to hear 
3B7C 599 with a big EU pileup.
I called him at 20 40z and got an immediate reply and put him in the 
log.Conditions appear to be improving on 160 at last and over the past 2 
weeks I have been able to work a good number of US and other DX stations 
every day.I hope this trend continues now and I am looking forward to 
some good Dxing.
There is a lot of deep QSB on a lot of signals but the QRN has stayed 
around S1-2 most evenings.However there is a storm front approaching 
from the West today and I expect I will be having a bit of noise over 
the next few days.Guess I will be running into the summer QRN shortly.
Thanks to all the stations who have called me recently and for those who 
have missed me I am on the band every day.I generally listen on 1824.f 
and call there occasionally,but I do a routine tune across the CW 
segment regularly.

Good Dxing.....Bob VK3ZL..

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