Topband: Project Boxes for 160 meter Preamplifiers?

Nelson Moyer ku0a at
Wed Sep 12 14:26:32 EDT 2007

After looking through the Mouser catalog at shielded boxes to house my 160
meter preamplifiers, I'm thoroughly befuddled at the bewildering array of
project boxes available, and I can't decide which one is the 'right' one to
buy. Please, some of you topband wizards, point me in the right direction
with a Mouser catalog number for a box suitable for housing a W7IUV or KD9SV
160 meter preamplifier. I'll be using the preamp at the shack end of the
antenna input, so water-proofing isn't required. If I build the W7IUV
version, it will have to be large enough for perf board and point-to-point
wiring, plus I plan to add a power switch, power LED, and a bypass switch
like the ones in the KD9SV design.

Nelson, KU0A

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