Topband: Mag Loop for Receiving

PaulKB8N at PaulKB8N at
Thu Sep 13 11:06:59 EDT 2007

I've not seen much mentioned about using a magnetic loop as a receiving  
antenna.  I built one for 80M that was a 6' diameter made with PVC and  found it 
to be a fabulous receiving antenna, I could clearly receive signals  that were 
well below the noise on the dipole.  
My loop consists of 18" strips of thin double-sided pc board and are bolted  
as well as soldered together to make a very flexible conductor that slides  
inside the PCV.  It is about an inch wide.  The antenna transmits  quite well, 
but the variable capacitor I used would only handle about 20W before  arcing, 
so was unable to see how it did at full power (100W).
Any thoughts on using this type of antenna for receiving?  On 80M it  seemed 
to show good directionality in the plane of the loop.  Would  something of 
this size with a larger capacitor be effective?
Paul, K5AF

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