Topband: Boring Report

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Fri Sep 14 17:57:54 EDT 2007

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> Wow - the band exploded last night.  OE3GCU, three Italian stations
> (I2ZFD,
> IV3PRK and I2TAO), G4AMT, SM7BIC and SM7DLK (from memory) and also heard
> HB9CIP and PA3FQA.
> Some of the signals were peaking 579 and my K3 was even able to decode
> G4AMT's CW when he came back to KC7V:
> This is very early in the season to hear this big of an opening to Europe.
> Hopefully a sign of even better things to come.  Signals were coming in
> over the pole.
> No sign of 3B7C here yet at sunrise.
> Tree N6TR
> Boring, OR

I was listening to everyone in the Pacific Northwest with envy last
night, Tree. Not a peep of any Europeans down here in Southern
California. I guess Arizona got a piece as I heard AA7A working
someone (might have been G4AMT) and looks like KC7V got in
on the fun as well.

The best opening European opening  I experienced last season
didn't occur until mid February. I hope us SoCal guys don't have
to wait that long this year.

73, Mike W4EF
Tujunga, CA (near Los Angeles)

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