Topband: Jack VE1ZZ in hospital

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Mon Sep 17 18:34:28 EDT 2007

Howdy Topbanders!

I just talked to Opal, Jack's XYL and looks like Jack is beyond the danger, slowly recovering.
They inserted two stems in his big top band heart and there is hope that he would be coming home tomorrow.
He would have to slow down for a while, but knowing jack, not for long.
I enjoyed visiting jack few times, operating from his place and setting few top band records.
If anyone is king of scrounging and home brewing, it is Jack. With limited resources he is able to build and operate his 'ZZ beacon and hower at the top of the top band DXCC.
Perhaps the most famous feature of his station is the hardline "connector" made by clamping the shields with hose clamp, soldering the center conductors and insulating - weather proofing with upside down soda bottle. 
Jack turned 74 and next year will be celebrating 60 years in ham radio.

Prayers and speedy recovery old friend!
Yuri, K3BU, VE3BMV, VE1BY, CG1ZZ, VA1A, VC1A  from VE1ZZ

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