Topband: Half Slopers

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Mon Feb 4 10:03:20 EST 2008

I have some questions about the top loading in shunt-fed tower systems in
general, and more specific to my case, half slopers (which have been
described as "a lazy man's shunt-fed tower").


1. Other than the tower itself, exactly which components contribute to the
radiated field? I understand that the minimal contribution of the sloping
wire is high angle radiation, but what about the yagis used for top loading?
Do they actually radiate?


2. Is there a difference in the amount of loading (or radiation?) between a
yagi with elements bonded to the boom and yagis with isolated elements? (My
mast is bonded to the tower with a flexible ground strap at the top of the


3. I understand how to decouple or detune a classic shunt-fed tower for use
with a nearby RX antenna. How would you best detune a tower-fed half sloper?
I could easily switch in additional length to the bottom end of the sloping
wire, or switch in a reactive component at the tower feedpoint. Would this
do it?




Jim - WS6X


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