Topband: Rx power splitter

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at
Thu Feb 7 12:19:30 EST 2008

Pete: I suggest you use a Magic Tee combiner backwards.  To understand it you can Google magic tee and look at the pages by Mike Ellis.  W8JI has some stuff on them too. I use 7 of them in my one array and they work quite well. You only need  two transformer cores and a resistor 2 times your cable impedance. You could use 10 turns each side on an FT37-43 toroid or 3 turns each side of the 2873000202 binocular core for the Tee. The input Z of the Tee is then 37.5 ohms if you use 75 ohm feedlines or 25 using 50 ohm line. You can step either of these back up with a 7 to 5 turns toroid or 3 to 2  turns binocular transformer.  Should be easy and work well. This is pretty well spelled out on the Ellis pages. For best results terminate any unused ports. Also, the outputs are in phase in case you wondered. 
   Lee K7TJR Oregon 

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