Topband: Radials

Chortek, Robert L Robert.Chortek at
Thu Feb 7 13:31:29 EST 2008

>>Interconnecting [radials] makes them half as long between the

I will probably get slammed for saying this, but it probably does no
harm to interconnect the radials, and might actually help, because how
long each radial is not important in the abstract. What is important is
how far the rf has to travel in the soil to get to a radial, because the
resistence of the ground is what causes the near field ground losses.
Connecting the radials does affect the distance the rf has to travel, so
it should theoretically improve the performance of the ground screen.
The key point is to minimize the distance the rf has to travel to get to
a radial (although we all know there is a point of diminishing returns).

Flame suit on!



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