Topband: Coax Connector Sealing Alternative

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Sun Feb 10 15:52:15 EST 2008

I haven't see any reference to Scotch 2242 also known as one of several types of "rubber linerless splicing tape".  It is a self sealing, if installed correctly, and it works well.  Several wraps, (while stretching it) seals the splice.  The splice to my inverted 'L' lays on (usually) soggy ground near a stream.  Sometimes  there is puddled water.  After several years, cutting or unwrapping the tape showed no corrosion.  All was as shiny as when installed.   Cost is about 4.00 USD at Home Depot or ACE hardware for a 3/4" x 15' (5 yd.) - (19mm x 4.5m).  There is also a 1" (25.4mm) size.

73, Gerry  K8GT

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