Topband: Direct fed tower

Peter Voelpel df3kv at
Mon Feb 11 08:50:56 EST 2008

I am going to direct feed my eletrically 53m high tower against two elevated
radials at 15m height.
So far the two extended radials (53m) have been aligned to resonate on the
same frequency with the tower alone.
Connected together and shorted by a variable capacitor I get the SWR down to
1.2 with 80kHz bandwith for SWR2.
Now my question:
What is the best solution to for the coax feed, into the radials or into the
The feed line will be run inside the tower, do I still need a current choke?
Do I need to decouple the lower part of the tower with a linear trap in case
the tower is fed by the coax inner conductor or in either case?  


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