Topband: Balloon Antenna

George (K8GG) & Marijke Guerin gmguerin at
Tue Feb 12 10:45:50 EST 2008

GM Topbanders.

I hope you all have Ducie in the log now.

I had an e-mail from Hans, PA1HR and thought I would share some info about 
his balloon antenna for 160 meters.

Hans used it in the Dutch PACC-Contest.

Go to  and click on "Ballonantenne:" and you will see some 

On 160 meters Hans made 132 CW and 45 SSB QSO's with 29 multipliers, during 
a few hours in the night.

The rig used during the contest I used the Yaesu FT-920 with the Inrad 
filters! Hans reports the Inrad filters worked well in the transceiver.

The feed line is twin lead from The Wireman - model number as indicated. 
The balloons were each about 1.5 meters diameter - 5 feet .

Hans' son Emil was filling a balloon in one of the photos.

The antenna was about 82 meters tall with an end feed at the bottom.  I 
assume the second feed wire was just to an insulator like a typical end fed 

The wind was not strong and overnight the wind conditions were essentially 

I am paraphrasing what my wife, Marijke, read.  My Dutch is only good enough 
to get the twin-lead and a few other details out of the text.

Enjoy the photos !!

73        George    K8GG

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